Five Free Ways To Promote Your Grocery Shopping Business



grocery shopping businessWhen it comes to promoting your grocery shopping business, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, or any, in some cases. In fact, there are many free ways to promote your service that are sure to get you a lot of business. Here are five:

1. Referrals

As with any business, referrals are your best friend. Do a good job for a senior citizen and there’s a good chance they’ll mention your service to their friends. So there’s a good chance they will become your customers – this is called the “ripple effect.” Consider offering an incentive such as, “Refer our business to your friends and receive your next errand half off!” Senior citizens, like the rest of us, love saving money and helping out a friend at the same time.

2. Newspaper Article

Newspapers love to cover a positive story for a change, instead of bad news Your grocery shopping business might be the positive thing they’re looking for. You perform a valuable service and help others in the process. Send a press release or make a call to your local newspaper and there’s a good chance they’ll be eager to write a story about you. It’ll be a breath of fresh air from the crime and economic troubles that often fill newspapers. Many senior citizens are avid newspaper readers, so you open yourself up to potential jobs from them.

3. Online Advertising

There are several web sites that you can advertise on for free. Craigslist and are two of them you should look into. Advertising on these is completely free and very easy to use. Both sites get a high number of web traffic, yet are organized by town or region, so you should definitely look into them as a great and free way to advertise your grocery shopping business.

4. Web Site

You can also put together a basic web site for free. You don’t need to be knowledgeable of web site building to be able to do it. Any capable hosting service can get you started. My favorite is, because they specialize in making the process simple and easy to understand, with dozens of free online how-to videos.On your web site you can mention the services you offer, how to contact you, why you should be the one to call, and more. Share your stories of helping others and the joy and stress relief your service can provide.

5. Blog

Similar to a web site, starting your own blog is another free and easy way to get business. On your blog you can write up recent errands you’ve run, tips for people who might want your service (such as, “Calling ahead with your grocery list greatly speeds up errand time”), and share stories and pictures that show what you’re grocery shopping business is all about. Blogs are a fun and easy way to get business and connect with potential customers.

There are many ways to promote your grocery shopping  business. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get attention for your exciting new service. In fact, there are several free ways you should consider trying. Try any, or all, of these five completely free ways and you could see the business rolling in. Soon you could have as much business as you’d like. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Grocery Shopping Business.