How To Find The Best Name For Your Grocery Shopping Business

best name for your grocery shopping businessWhat’s in a name? Well, when it comes to naming your grocery shopping business, you hope that there’s a lot of information that tells your customers – both existing a new ones – what your business is all about. But how exactly do you do that without ending up with a business name that is too long to remember or no one understands what it represents? Here are a few tips to help you along:

1 – Funny Stuff

There are times when trying to name a business with a funny, cute or trendy handle can go against what you are trying to achieve. With a grocery shopping business you may just get away with something like Rhonda’s Shopping Bag provided it makes sense to your customers. If you discover you are spending more time explaining what your business name means than doing business, it probably isn’t the right name.

2 – Local Stuff

One way to help encourage local customers is to personalize your grocery shopping business name with the name of your town/city. I know, you may think that your customers already know you are servicing the greater Vancouver area but if you are hoping to expand with new customers, a business name like Rhonda’s Personal Shopping of Vancouver is going to help you more than you can imagine.

3 – Easy Stuff

When you name your business, in additional to trying to explain what you do and where you do it, you also need to keep it friendly and easy to remember. One quick way to give your business a down-home, friendly touch is to use your first name in your business name. So when Rhonda’s Personal Shopping of Vancouver is out and about, you may be more likely to walk over and start chatting with Rhonda about possibly using her service. Did I make my point here?

4 – Website Stuff

You know, with the world of technology the way it is these days, you are going to eventually want to expand your business exposure online. There are several ways to do this including through a website and online location services such as Google Places. What helps your grocery shopping business the most when you start to use the internet to promote it is through a business name that is easy to understand online. This means that your website name (the dot com name) should be easy to remember and not too long. For Rhonda’s Personal Shopping of Vancouver, a good domain name would be

5 – Legal Stuff

One last thing to remember when you pick a name for your grocery shopping business. It is always wise to go through the proper local and regional sources to ensure the name you give your business is not already in use or has been used and has had some legal issues attached to it. These details will allow you to go into business without the fear of someone coming to you for some kind of copyright infringement or a legal matter than does not concern your business. Once you clarify these things, you are free to promote your business however you wish.

Using a business name that is appropriate for your service does many things. It helps build trust and shows integrity. These traits lead to an increase in business as more and more people become aware of you and how you operate your business. Using a name that does not make sense or is misleading in any way defeats the purpose of trying to build a successful business. Good luck!