How To Draw Customers To Your Grocery Shopping Business With Google

grocery shopping business Just starting your grocery shopping business and in need of some cheap – maybe even free – promotion? There are a number of ways in which the internet can help with this. But we have to first remember that the reason why we must turn our attention to online promotion is that so many of your potential customers are already using it.

The internet has become the new source for shopping, banking and entertainment. With this in mind, you must find ways to get your grocery shopping business included. Lucky for you, I can help.

Here are the best ways to get your business online for free or almost free:

1 – Website

I know, it may sound like a huge undertaking but because so much activity takes place online, there are ways to put a website up that will not cost you very much. A basic website can be launched for a nominal fee. For example, there are free web hosts available and free website building programs. Plus, there are free apps that can be added to your website. The only real cost you may incur related to a website is through the registration of your internet domain name. That’s the part that has the www. (your business name) .com in it.

2 – Blog

If a website sounds like it is far too complicated for you, there is another way to get a kind of website online. Just visit and register a free account. With it you will be able to launch a free blog. What good is a blog, you ask? A blog will give you space on the internet to talk about your grocery shopping business. In a blog you can share special offers, encourage interaction from visitors to your blog and build a relationship. An online relationship like this will give your business credibility and integrity. It’s also free and extremely Google friendly.

3 – Google and Bing Online Directories

There are two main online directories you should have your grocery shopping business listed on. Google and Bing both have directories called Places ( or Each allows you to post photos and contact information about your business. Using a map of your community, you can also pinpoint the exact location of your business so others can easily find you. The listings also give you an opportunity to promote the kind of business you provide and hours of operation. What enhances this service is that customers have the option to post reviews and ratings of your business along with the directory listings. These are all Google friendly.

4 – Other Online Directories

There are two more great online directories and they are also free to use. MapQuest ( and City Search ( are pretty much the same as Google and Bing Places. You start with opening a free account and following the prompts on listing your business. What makes all of these directories valuable is that they use location services built into smartphones and tablets to show users the kinds of businesses located near where they are. Your grocery shopping business would benefit greatly from this kind of exposure.

5 – Even More Online Directories

If you happen to belong to the local Chamber of Commerce, check to see if they have an online directory of their members. Also, some municipalities now list a directory of business license holders online. If you belong to any organization that has an online directory, try to be included on that as well. Any of these tools will help your grocery shopping business as long as Google can find them.

Expect Some Kind Of Payback

While these options I’ve listed here are all free or almost free, expect to see a return on them soon after you get your listings/blog/website in place. As I’ve explained, a good portion of your customer base now ‘lives’ in the internet so in order to get their attention, you have to be active where they are active. Also, if you jump on these online options quickly, the sooner your online presence will take hold over a competitor just starting out.