grocery shopping business profitsGive the average person a choice between grocery shopping and most other chores, and most will choose “other.” With long checkout lines, crowded parking lots, loss of valuable free time and the ever-present temptation to purchase impulse items or tempting diet-busters, it’s no wonder a trip to the supermarket is not a favorite activity for many.

In fact, a recent customer survey by a national supermarket chain found that an amazing one-third of shoppers said they hated grocery shopping! In addition, there are those folks who have no choice, such as homebound seniors or those with health problems or handicaps that prevent even a simple trip to the grocery store. Finally, busy working professionals, especially those with kids, have little time in their busy schedule for regular trips to the grocery store.

For all those folks who are too busy, unable to get to the store, or just plain dislike grocery shopping, hiring a personal grocery shopper can be the perfect solution, and one that more and more are choosing. A personal grocery shopper offers a valuable service, and can even save money for many customers who lose control at the supermarket, buying products they don’t really need or shouldn’t eat.

If you are looking for an ideal service business that can be part-time or full-time and costs very little to start and run, a grocery shopping business could be the ideal choice for you.

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